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eBid.net is the great alternative auction site, a serious alternative to using ebay. For sellers there are cheap fees, for buyers great bargains, and for all friendly forums.

It's easy to join, just fill out this form, and submit it. You'll receive a confirmation link by email that you'll need to click on then you will then have unlimited access to eBid.

To start with you will be registered as a "BUYER" and only be able to bid or buy, not sell.

If you are listing an item for auction you will need to either upgrade to SELLER (free upgrade but card validation required) or upgrade to SELLER+ by purchasing a Security Subscription, visit "My Subscriptions" in My eBid for details. The details for each can be seen below.

Upgrade Fees UK prices. See US Prices

SELLER : 0.00

7 Day 1.99
30 Day 6.99
90 Day 16.99
365 Day 49.99
Lifetime 74.99 (currently available for 49.49 if upgrade takes place within 24 hours of registration OR any other upgrade)