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Adding extra pictures without paying additional fees

The following pictures are step-by-step screen shots showing how to add extra pictures to your listing, when adding a new item for sale. They are for those who are "self-hosting" their pictures, and do not want to pay the extra fee for eBid to hold the images for them. They will work with any of the photo-hosting sites, such as Photobucket, or with your own website space... you just need to know the URL/address of where your picture lives.

Go through the selling process and you will reach your "list new auction" screen, as shown:
add a picture step 1

Click on the little tree/picture icon to add a new image into your description box. This will bring up the "insert" picture box, shown below:
add a picture step 2

Input the URL/address of your image into the first box, and a title and description to help you identify the picture (optional) and press insert when complete.
add a picture step 3

When you return to your auction edit screen (automatically) you will see that your image has been included in your description box. You may now continue to type in your text, or add further pictures to your listing.
Happy listing!