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Putting your auctions into your new store

If you've set up a new store you might be wondering why your items haven't automatically appeared in your store. This is because you have to tell the system which store and category you want it connected with - after all you're allowed five stores, so there might be a choice to be made! Once your store is named and has it's categories defined, you have to edit your existing auctions to put them in the right place. Go to your "my eBid" summary and select "auctions I'm running", as shown.

For each item that you want to put into your store, click on "edit" to bring up the auction listing details screen.

Near the top of the listing screen you will see a pair of boxes offering drop-down menus from which you must choose your store and catagory.

When you've made your choices, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the "save changes" button, to make your selection live.

That's it, you're done... now return to your list of auctions and pick the next one to put in your store.